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For returning patients, you will notice some changes at the practice and I hope these notes will help prepare you for them. I hope that all patients will feel welcome, in spite of the slightly more clinical feel at the practice.


Before your appointment

  1. Appointments should be made by telephone or email. There will be gap of 15 minutes between appointments, so patients will not meet each other.
  2. Please contact me to postpone your appointment if you have any symptoms of coronavirus, or have been with anyone who has had coronavirus symptoms in the past week.  These symptoms may be a new persistent cough, and/or a high temperature, severe vomiting for no apparent reason, new loss of taste or smell or indeed feeling unwell in any new way. I am happy for appointments to be cancelled at short notice and without charge, if you have any of these symptoms.
  3. I will telephone you about a day before your appointment to confirm both you and I feel well. Please let me know on that occasion if you are planning to travel to the practice by any method other than your own car, so I can make the appropriate preparations.
  4. I hope to ask you about your current symptoms during our telephone conversation before your appointment and in the case of new patients I may take your whole case history over the telephone before we meet. This will shorten the length of time we spend face to face.

On arrival

  1. Please wait outside or in your car until just before your appointment.
  2. I will come to the front door, or if you have a mobile phone with you I will phone you, to let you know when the practice is ready for you to come in.
  3. I will take your temperature using an infrared thermometer when you come into the lobby, before giving you some hand sanitizer and a face mask.
  4. Please bring as few bags and other items as possible into the practice. I will give you a plastic box to store them in.

My appearance!
Please don't be surprised that I am using personal protective clothing. It is still me inside. I shall be using a fresh overall for each patient, as well as a mask, visor when necessary, and gloves.


  1. The outer door to the toilet area will be propped open.
  2. The toilet door handle on both sides of the door will be disinfected between patients.
  3. The toilet handle, lower toilet lid and taps will be disinfected between patients.

Treatment room

  1. Your chair and the chair at the desk will be further apart than normal.
  2. There will be plastic pillow cases over the pillows, which will be disinfected between patients.
  3. The plastic treatment table surface will be disinfected between patients. If you wish, do bring in a towel of your own to lie on. You can also bring a towel to cover you in place of the blanket which I may have used to keep you warm.

I am afraid I cannot accept payment by cheque or cash as I have in past. Instead, I now have a card reader for debit cards or you can pay electronically.
I hope these measures will enable you to feel at ease and you will soon be comfortable with them.

Coronavirus Precautions